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Long term disability



Why is Disability Insurance important?

Disability can be the single most catastrophic event in a person's life, clouding the future with confusion and uncertainty.

A long term disability raises questions such as:

  • How will I make my house payments?
  • How will I pay my other bills?
  • Will I have money to pay for my child's college tuition?



Gross Monthly Benefit

Department Heads, Assistant Department Heads, Middle Managers, Confidential and Unrepresented Units

The lesser of 60% of your Basic Monthly Earnings or $9,000, minus Other Income.

Active full-time employees in regular classified positions represented by SEIU Local 620 and CFI-TNG/CWA

The lesser of 60% of your Basic Monthly Earnings or $3,600, minus Other Income.


(A divided by B) times C, minus Other Income.

A = your indexed Basic Monthly Earnings minus your current monthly earnings.
B = your indexed Basic Monthly Earnings.
C = The benefit you would receive if you were totally disabled (before Other Income is subtracted).

"Other Income", as stated elsewhere, does not include -

  • retirement benefits provided through your employer (other than disability payments under your employer's retirement plan) until the gross monthly benefit plus your retirement benefit exceeds 100% of your Basic Monthly Earnings.
  • salary continuation or sick leave benefits provided through your employer until the gross monthly benefit plus such benefits exceed 100% of your Basic Monthly Earnings.


Note: During the first 12 months of Monthly Income Benefits, your Monthly Income Benefit will not be reduced by any current monthly employment earnings until the gross monthly benefit plus your current monthly employment earnings exceed 100% of your pre-disability Basic Monthly Earnings. Your Monthly Income Benefit will then be reduced by that excess amount. In no event will your Monthly Income Benefit plus Other Income be greater than your predisability Basic Monthly Earnings.

Basic Monthly Earnings - your monthly salary or wage on the day before the date you became disabled. It does not include bonuses, commissions or overtime pay. For Partial Disability, Basic Monthly Earnings are indexed. To determine indexed Basic Monthly Earnings, your predisability Basic Monthly Earnings are increased by 5% on the one-year anniversary of your first benefit

Survivor Benefit - 3 times the gross monthly benefit, subject to any necessary adjustments

Minimum Monthly Income Benefit - The greater of $100 or 15% of the Gross Monthly Income Benefit

Benefit Waiting Period - 60 days

This plan includes a Disability Waiver of Premium Benefit. If you become totally disabled before age 60 and can not work, the insurance premiums may be waived. You must first satisfy certain conditions.

Maximum Benefit Period
Age at Disability Maximum Benefit Period

Less than age 61
61 but less than 62
62 but less than 63
63 but less than 64
64 but less than 65
65 but less than 66
66 but less than 67
67 but less than 68
68 but less than 69
69 and over

to age 65
48 months
42 months
36 months
30 months
24 months
21 months
18 months
15 months
12 months

This is a summary of benefits only. A complete description of benefits and limitations will be provided in the certificate of coverage.

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October 20, 2005


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