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Tentative Ruling
Judge Colleen Sterne
Department 5 SB-Anacapa
1100 Anacapa Street P.O. Box 21107 Santa Barbara, CA 93121-1107


Estate of John A Patton

Case No: 1383524
Hearing Date: Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:00

Nature of Proceedings: Motion: for Release of Original Will for Expert Analysis - #2 on the probate calendar

The Court has reviewed the moving and opposition papers and finds that the matter is not ready to proceed as scheduled on August 29, 2013 because sufficient notice has not been given. The matter is continued on the Court’s Motion to September 26, 2013 at 9:00 am in Department Five. Pursuant to Probate Code § 1202, the Court orders that notice and a copy of the motion must be served at least 15 court days prior to the hearing pursuant to Probate Code §1215 on the following: all heirs, devisees, executors and alternate executors named in the December 6, 2006 Will and the December 13, 2000 Will, all trust beneficiaries, trustees and alternate trustees, and all parties and counsel in the related cases. The petitioner shall file the Proof of Service with the Court and submit a Declaration indicating the names of all required to be given notice and their relationship to the decedent. If any person is not served for any reason, Petitioner shall include that information in the Declaration.
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