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Tentative Ruling
Judge Colleen Sterne
Department 5 SB-Anacapa
1100 Anacapa Street P.O. Box 21107 Santa Barbara, CA 93121-1107


Conservatorship of Minette B Carr

Case No: 1337567
Hearing Date: Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:00

Nature of Proceedings: Accounting 2nd/Report/Fees - #3 on the conservatorship calendar

The matter is not pre-approved due to the below issues: 1. The conservatee did not receive notice as required by Probate Code § 1460(b)(2). 2. There are no bank statement as required by Probate Code § 2620(c)(2). 3. There are no residential care or long term care facility statements as required by Probate Code § 2620(c)(5). 4. The total charges do not equal total credits. 5. Schedule C has multiple line item entries for disbursements to “B. Bock - housing and care” in the amount of $3,350 per month. Who is B. Bock? Is B. Bock the Petitioner/Conservator? 6. There is explanation of unusual accounting as required by Probate Code §1064(a)(2). Including, but not limited to: 7/11/2011: C. Thomas Mason – legal fees FINRA case expert = $2,500 (Check No. 1189) 7/11/2011: C. Thomas Mason – legal fees FINRA case expert = $2,500 (fund check 01009) What is “SBCH – rent”? Numerous disbursements to Cox Communication totaling $204.04 Bank Card and AMEX line items for rental property expenses, including travel. Rental Property Expenses including but not limited to: UBS Loan payment – rental property rehab & construction totaling $3,000 Richmond Contracting – rental property – repair, rehab & renovation totaling $24,928 MTD Outdoors- rental property landscaping, etc... Totaling $7,439.00
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