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Tentative Ruling
Judge Jed Beebe
Department 4 SM-Cook
312-C East Cook Street P.O. Box 5369 Santa Maria, CA 93456-5369


Estate of Rina Boivin

Case No: 1459772
Hearing Date: Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:30

Nature of Proceedings: Second Account and Report of Conservator

The court investigator’s report has not yet been submitted.


It is recommended that the court advise the conservator that entries for anticipated receipts should not be included in the accounting submitted to the court, which then obviates the need to include an entry for “clerical error” or “reversal” when the anticipated receipt is not received. The receipts schedule should list actual receipts to the estate only.


In addition, it is recommended that the court instruct the conservator to include explanations in all future accounts for how the Wiyot Tribe revenue impacts the conservatee’s Social Security payments and all other unusual items. (Probate Code, § 1064, subd. (a)(2).) 

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