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Forms & FilingLOCAL Santa Barbara superior COURT FORMS

*Forms marked with the asterisk (*) are adopted for mandatory use.
MC-410  Judicial Council Form: Request for Accommodations by Persons With Disabilities and Response
SC-1002 Declaration Under CCP Section 170.6 (Peremptory Challenge) 7/1/1999
CIV-020 Judicial Council Form: Notice of Intent to Appear By Telephone  
SC-1006 Tape Recording Request 10/19/2015
SC-1006CD CD Recording Request 10/19/2015
SC-1007 Verification 7/1/1999
SC-1008 Affidavit for Subpena Duces Tecum 6/1/2000
SC-1010 Acknowledgement of Receipt/Proof of Service 10/9/2002
SC-1022 Order Form for CD-Rom Indices 7/1/2017
SC-1025 Certificate of Service by Mail 3/20/2003
SC-1034* Installment Payment Plan Agreement Adjudicated Cases 11/1/2017
SC-1038 Financial Affidavit
(To be submitted with SC-8028 Ability to Pay Determination)
SC-3062 Inmate Hearing Transcript Request 9/12/2006
SC-2000 Amendment to Complaint 7/1/1999
SC-2002 Application for Issuance of Writ of Execution and Order (Money Judgment) 7/1/1999
SC-2003 Application for Order for Publication 7/1/1999
SC-2004 CMADRESS Case Management ADR Settlement Session Report 6/15/2018
SC-2005 Application for Warrant and Declaration 7/1/1999
CM-110 Judicial Council Form: Case Management Statement  
SC-2008 Declaration and Order Re Lost Writ 7/1/1999
UD-116 Judicial Council Form: Declaration for Default Judgment by Court  
SC-2011 Declaration to File Abstract of Judgment Under CCP 7/1/1999
SC-2014 Joint Memorandum that Civil Case is At-Issue, Request for Setting 7/1/1999
UD-110 Judicial Council Form: Judgment - Unlawful Detainer  
SC-2024 Notice of Appeal 7/1/1999
CM-200 Judicial Council Form: Notice of Settlement of Entire Case  
SC-2029 Order for Publication of Summons or Citation 7/1/1999
SC-2037 Request for Recall of Bench of Warrant in Supplemental Proceedings 2/1/1999
SC-2038 Stipulation and Order to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Process 7/11/2014
UD-115 Judicial Council Form: Stipulation for Entry of Judgment  
UD-110 Judicial Council Form: Judgment - Unlawful Detainer  
SC-2045 Unlawful Detainer Informational Brochure 7/1/2012
SC-2050 Notice of Entry of Judgment 7/1/2013
SC-2051 Notice of Entry of Judgment For Restitution 7/1/2013
SC-2058 Stipulation and Order to Submit Case to Private Mediation in Lieu of CMADRESS 7/21/2008
SC-2068* Failure to Appear for Order of Examination 7/1/2018
SC-2069* Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum 7/1/2018
SC-3001* Addendum to Advisement of Rights, Waiver and Plea Form
Defendant Under 21, Vehicle Code § 13202.5-13202.7
SC-3004 Declaration and Application for Change of Plea and Request for Dismissal (PC § 1203.4/1203.4a) 6/1/2015
SC-3004a Instructions for Declaration and Application by Defendant (PC § 1203.4/1203.4a) 3/1/2012
SC-3005N* Fax Arraignment (Lompoc, Miller Divisions) 6/30/2008
SC-3005aN Fax Arraignment Procedures (Lompoc, Miller Divisions) 2/1/2014
SC-3007 Order Granting Deferred Entry of Judgment PC 1000 1/1/2018
SC-3008N Court Ordered Program Notice of Non-Compliance (North County) 3/30/2016
SC-3008S Court Ordered Program Notice of Non-Compliance (South County) 12/5/2001
SC-3009 Order Terminating Deferred Entry of Judgment (PC 1000) and Entry of Judgment  6/20/2001
SC-3012CR Request to Calendar a Criminal Case 10/5/2017
SC-3013S Application and Order Permitting Appearance in Propria Persona 12/4/2002
SC-3015 Order for Destruction of Weapons and/or Transfer to Department of Justice 8/1/2001
SC-3016 Order for Return of Weapon 8/1/2001
SC-3018 Stipulation and Order for Return of Exhibits 10/1/2001
SC-3022 Pre-Trial Agreement (CVC § 13202.5) 3/1/2013
SC-3028 Declaration in Support of Waiver of Vehicle Impoundment 3/2/2009
SC-3029 Defendant's Statement of Understanding of Consequences of Plea (CVC 23103.5) 1/1/2009
SC-3030 Petition to Waive Mandatory Installation of Ignition Interlock (CVC §§14601(e), 14601.1(d), 14601.4(c), 14601.5(g)) 4/27/2009
SC-3031 Waiver of Defendant's Personal Presence 11/1/2001
SC-3035 Notice of Motion (Prove Prior Conviction) 3/1/2002
SC-3038 Declaration and Application By Defendant 10/18/2002
SC-3043N Court Ordered Program Notice Of Non-Compliance(Domestic Violence Program) 1/30/2003
SC-3045 Ex Parte Motion To Vacate Bail Forfeiture (PC §1305.2)(Infraction & Misdemeanor Cases Only) 7/1/2013
SC-3057 Petition For Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon
(How to Apply for a Pardon in California from the CA Board of Prison Terms website)
SC-3058 Notice of Filing of Petition for Certificate of Rehabilitation And Pardon
Certificate of Rehabilitation (Pursuant to Penal Code Section 4852.13)
SC-3062 Inmate Hearing Transcript Request 9/12/2006
SC-3064 Ex parte Order Pursuant to §4011.5 PC 9/10/2008
SC-3068 Advisement and Waiver of Right to Counsel (Faretta Waiver) 1/1/2012
SC-3083 Petition/Appl for Resentencing (Prop 47) 2/2/2015
SC-3085* Advisement of Rights, Waiver and Plea Form - Misdemeanor 1/1/2018
CR 101 Plea Form, with Explanations and Waiver of Rights - Felony 5/25/2018
SC-3707 Abandonment of Appeal 8/11/2003
SC-4011 Compliance Report on Order to Attend “Co-Parenting Essentials” Program (COPE) 1/1/2000
SC-4012 Declaration Re: Ex Parte Notice 4/15/2003
SC-4013 Order On Request For Telephone Appearance 7/1/2013
SC-4014* Request For Case Management Conference/Trial Setting 1/1/2011
SC-4016 Advisement and Waiver of Right to Counsel (Faretta Waiver) 4/1/2011
SC-4017* Notice of Cancellation of Mediation and Statement of Good Cause (Local Rule 1501 et. Seq., Family Code §3170) 11/7/2011
SC-4018* Notice of Mediation with Family Custody Services (Local Rule 1501 Et. Seq., Family Code §3170) 11/7/2011
SC-4020* Ex Parte Application for Issuance of Letter Rogatory 1/1/2015
SC-4021* Certificate of Execution 1/1/2015
SC-4022* Request for International Judicial Assistance 1/1/2015
SC-4023* Essential Information for Respondent 1/1/2015
SC-4026 Family Law Information Statement 1/1/2016
SC-4027 Request to Withdraw Motion 1/1/2019
SC-4028* Financial Document Exchange Compliance Declaration
(Wage Earner/Unemployed)
SC-4029* Financial Document Exchange Compliance Declaration
(Self Employed/Business Owner Party)
SC-4030 Family Law CMC Unavailability 1/1/2019
SC-4032 Stipulated Continuance of Hearing 1/1/2019
SC-4033* Petition for Approval of Adoption Agreement (Adult)
(Family Code Sections §9300 et seq.)
SC-4034* Order of Adoption (Adult) (Family Code §9320, §9328) 1/1/2019
SC-4035* Consent of Spouse to Adoption (Adult) (Family Code §9302) 1/1/2019
SC-4036* Adoption Agreement (Adult) (Family Code §9300, et seq.) 1/1/2019
SC-6000 Application & Order Appointing Probate Referee 3/20/2003
SC-6003* Conservatorship Contact Information (Confidential) 6/22/2007
SC-6004 Increased Bid in Open Court 4/1/2005
GC-334 Judicial Council Form: Ex Parte Order Re Completion of Capacity Declaration - HIPAA  
SC-6008 Order Appointing Court Investigator 7/14/2009
SC-6009 Objection to Petition for Appointment of Guardian 3/25/2003
GC-255 Judicial Council Form: Petition for Termination of Guardianship  
DE-295/GC-395 Judicial Council Form: Ex Parte Petition for Final Discharge and Order  
SC-6014 Declaration of Due Diligence 8/16/2007
GC-355 Judicial Council Form: Determination of Conservatee's Appropriate Level of Care  
SC-6020 Transfer of Small Estates Without Probate Informational Brochure 1/1/2012
SC-6021 Declaration Pursuant To California Probate Code Sections 13100-13115 1/1/2012
SC-6026 Request for Order Dispensing with Accountings and Bond 1/1/2013
SC-6027 Order Granting Ex Parte Request to Dispense Acctg/Bond 1/1/2013
SC-6028 First and Final Report of Personal Representative etc 1/1/2013
SC-6029 Order on First/Final Report of Personal Representative etc 1/1/2013
SC-6030 Fee Declaration: Conservator 1/1/2013
SC-6031 Report of Status of Administration 1/1/2013
SC-6032 Order on Report on Status of Administration 1/1/2013
SC-6033 Order Appointing Counsel for Conservatee 1/1/2013
SC-6034 Attachment to Letters of Conservatorship (Limited) 1/1/2013
SC-6035 Attachment to Order Appointing Limited Conservator 1/1/2013
SC-6036 Attachment to Petition for Appt of Limited Conservator 1/1/2013
SC-6037 Petition for Authority to Use Guardianship Funds/Minor 1/1/2013
SC-6038 Order re use of Guardianship Funds for Support of Minor 1/1/2013
SC-6039 Petition for Visitation 1/1/2013
SC-6040 Visitation Order 1/1/2013
SC-2020 Judgment Debtor’s Statement re: Satisfaction of Judgment; Entry of Satisfaction of Judgment 4/21/2003
SC-7000 Small Claims Packet (forms packet online) 10/1/2018
SC-109 Judicial Council Form: Authorization to Appear  
SC-7003 Mediator Request for Postponement of Small Claims Hearing 7/1/2013
SC-135 Judicial Council Form: Notice of Motion to Vacate  
SC-140 Judicial Council Form: Notice of Appeal  
SC-150 Judicial Council Form: Request to Postpone Trial  
SC-108 Judicial Council Form: Request to Correct or Cancel Judgment and Answer (Small Claims)  
SC-7008 Request for Dismissal/Satisfaction of Judgment 7/1/1999
SC-223 Declaration of Default in Payment of Judgment  
SC-224 Response to Declaration of Default in Payment of Judgment  
SC-225 Order on Declaration of Default in Payments  
SC-7010 Motion to Vacate Mediated Stipulated Judgment and Motion for Rehearing 7/1/2013
SC-7016 Small Claims Informational Brochure 9/1/2013
SC-7018 Small Claims Declaration Re: Default in Payments in Mediated Agreements 2/5/2014
SC-7012 Notice of Appeal – Parking 7/1/2013
SC-7012a Parking Violation Appeal Process 9/1/2013
SC-7013 Proof of Service, Notice of Appeal – Parking 7/1/1999
SC-8003 Plea and Notice of Court Trial (CVC §40519) 7/1/2015
SC-8004N Court Referral: Misidentification Claim (North County) 7/3/2003
SC-8004S Court Referral: Misidentification Claim (South County) 3/20/2003
SC-8005 Misidentification Findings 7/27/2009
SC-8006 Petition For Restricted License (CVC §13201.5 and 13202.5) 4/18/2003
SC-8006a Basis for a Restricted License 5/16/2003
SC-8014 Declaration 7/3/2003
SC-8021 Financial Qualification For Waiver to Post Bail - Confidential 1/1/2016
SC-8023 Installment Payment Plan Agreement: Traffic Cases 11/1/2017
SC-8024 Request For Waiver to Post Bail 1/1/2016
SC-8026 Request to Reset Court Trial 1/1/2016
SC-8028 Ability to Pay Determination
(Must be submitted with SC-1038 Financial Affidavit)
TR-220 Request for New Trial (Trial de Novo) Trial by Written Declaration – Traffic  
SC-9007 Petition for Restricted License – VC §13202.5 8/2/2011
SC-9012 Request For Copies of Juvenile Case Records and Order Thereon – 827 W & I 9/23/2009
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