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  1. Appearances may be made by Court Call, (310) 342-0888, for the CMC (Case Management Calendar), CLM (Civil Law & Motion) calendar, FLM (Family Law & Motion) calendar, and Complex Case Management Conferences, without the requirement of filing request or notice, or calling in for permission.  No Court Call appearances will be accepted for Adoptions, Minor's Compromise/Claims, or Settlements.  Trial Confirmation may be made by Court Call with permission of the Judge's Secretary (805) 882-4570.

    To request oral argument after a tentative ruling has been posted, call the Judge's Secretary, who will ask if you have notified opposing counsel of the request.  Required.

  2. Documents filed after noon on Friday will not be considered in preparation for hearing on Tuesday unless filed pursuant to an ex parte Order Shortening Time so providing.

  3. Do not e-mail or fax any documents or communications to the Judge/Secretary unless specifically requested by the Judge for a specific occasion.

  4. To set an Ex Parte hearing, you must call the Judge's Secretary to obtain a date and time, providing her with the name and number of the case, the relief being sought, and whether or not you have met/conferred with the other side to attempt to resolve the issue.  Ex Parte requests are "for dire emergencies only…" [CRC]  You will then give notice to the opposing counsel/party; serve the documents including your moving papers, a Declaration of the person who gave notice of the date/time/relief sought, proposed order, and submit them (counsel must e-file) with a proof of service to the Ex Parte Clerk in the Clerk's office by noon of the day before the hearing.  In Dept. 3 Ex Parte hearings are heard in Chambers and Court Call is not available there.  Moving party must appear unless arrangements are made with the Secretary at the time of setting the ex parte.

  5. Trial documents set out hereinafter must be filed no later than seven (7) days prior to the Trial Confirmation call, and may be filed sooner if ready.  The documents are:  Trial Brief, brief Statement of the Case, List of Exhibits, List of Witnesses (alphabetically), List of Expert Witnesses (alphabetically), Motions In Limine (numbered), Oppositions/Responses Thereto (referring to number), and in the case of jury trials, Jury Instructions (CACI, numbers only unless special/modified/etc., all as set out on this webpage, if case not settled.

  6. Unless otherwise set by the Judge, the following matters are set for hearing on Tuesdays only:
    • Case Management Conferences are heard at 8:30 a.m.
    • Civil Law & Motion is heard at 10:00 a.m.
    • Family Law & Motion and Family Case Management Conferences are heard at 1:30 p.m.
    • Trial Confirmations are heard at 11:30 a.m. 

    We do not reserve dates.  Counsel/litigants should put on the face of the document the date and time of hearing which you select conforming to the statutory notice requirements and your convenience, and your filing will be sent to Calendar for calendaring.

  7. To find out if a Stipulated Order has been signed by the Judge, please call the Civil Ex Parte Clerk at (805 882-4513 or the Family Law Ex Parte Clerk at (805) 882-4531 or the Judge's secretary at (805) 882-4570.  Please wait at least two days after submission of the Stipulation before inquiring.

    To request copies of a document, please call Records at (805) 882-4684.

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