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Tentative Ruling
Judge Timothy Staffel
Department 1 SM-Cook
312-C East Cook Street P.O. Box 5369 Santa Maria, CA 93456-5369


Conservatorship of Erica Gonzalez-Meza

Case No: 16PR00124
Hearing Date: Wed Mar 14, 2018 8:30

Nature of Proceedings: Voting Rights Hearing

Appearances required.  Conservators should come prepared to submit any evidence that contradicts the Court Investigator’s Report (filed August 7, 2017). 


The parties are reminded that the legal standard to determine voting rights is no longer whether the conservatee is capable of filing out a voter registration card, but is whether the Conservatee has the ability to communicate a desire to participate in the voting process, with or without reasonable accommodations.  (Election Code, § 2209.)  If the conservatee can communicate that she has no desire to participate in the voting process, that meets the standard, and voting rights should not be restricted.

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