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Tentative Ruling
Judge Colleen Sterne
Department 5 SB-Anacapa
1100 Anacapa Street P.O. Box 21107 Santa Barbara, CA 93121-1107


Kan-Di-Ki LLC vs Pacific Diagnostics Laboratoties LLC

Case No: 1439279
Hearing Date: Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:30

Nature of Proceedings: Petition Enforce Subpoena for Production of Business Records

Set for hearing Monday in Kan-Di-Ki, LLC v. Pacific Diagnostic Laboratories, LLC (1439279) is a petition to enforce a subpoena for production of business records in an action pending outside California. It was filed with respect to a case pending in the Delaware Court of Chancery, called Kan-Di-Ki, LLC v. Robert Suer. Tentative Ruling: Denied On January 9, 2014, attorneys for the defendant in that case, Robert Suer, filed a notice that Suer had filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding on January 7, 2014. As a result, all proceedings against him are automatically stayed. Because plaintiff is precluded from taking any actions in pursuit of its litigation against him, that would include its petition seeking records in California. Relief is more appropriate sought from the Bankruptcy Court.
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