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Tentative Ruling
Judge James F. Rigali
Department 2 SM-Cook
312-C East Cook Street P.O. Box 5369 Santa Maria, CA 93456-5369


Guardianship of Adrian Joseph Shelton, et al.

Case No: 17PR00536
Hearing Date: Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:30

Nature of Proceedings: Petition to Appoint Guardian of the Person

Appearances required.  The following must be submitted:


1) Proof of timely mailed service of the notice of hearing and a copy of the petition on Lolita Miller, Paul Morrissey, and Jeri Blake (Prob. Code, § 1511); OR Consent to Appointment of Guardian and Waiver of Notice (Judicial Council form GC-211) OR adequately supported request to dispense with notice (CRC 7.52; see Local Court form SC-6014).


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